EPA and CSA Joint Dredge Material Disposal Site Sampling and CSA Geophysical Survey

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Image caption: From left, side scan sonar, macrofauna sediment sample processing and preparation, and sediment grab sampling.

Near many major U.S. coastal navigable ports, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has permitted designated Offshore Dredge Material Disposal Sites (ODMDS) to control the deposition of dredged material generated during dredging operations.

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CSA’s Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

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CSA initiated specific Coronavirus Mitigation Guidelines in February as it became clear that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) was spreading rapidly across the globe. We immediately took steps to isolate our staff that were traveling to international destinations, and instituted internal protocols for surface transfer mitigation. As the outbreak continues to develop, CSA has ratcheted Social Distancing Protocols, including work from home programs and staged staffing in office spaces to create distance between our employees. Additional travel guidelines and employee isolation guidelines have also been initiated. CSA continues to be fully functional and is focused on keeping our staff, customers, and vendors safe and healthy.

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