Bahamas Relief Update

  • Written by CSA Ocean Sciences
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A month has passed since Dorian demolished the Northern Bahamas. The media have moved on, and the world shifts its focus back to the story of the day. But in the Bahamas, thousands of homes are still piles of rubble and thousands of people are still displaced. Families are looking for answers to questions that have been forced on them by this catastrophic event; Where will we live? How will we make a living? How do we feed our children? How do we rebuild our communities?

Within one week of landfall, CSA and its employees donated over $30,000 to the relief effort, primarily to five organizations that we felt would make the greatest impact in the near term but could also support the long term rebuilding process;

  1. Team Rubicon - — Boots on the ground, with plans for long-term support of the rebuilding process.  
  2. World Central Kitchen - — Feeding the locals and the response personnel. 
  3. Humane Society of Grand Bahama — - Saving the abandoned and stray animals on the island.  
  4. “Hope 4 Hopetown” — Directly focused on our “Sister City” Hope Town.
  5. Allen Exploration - — Matching donation funds with a vested interest in the long-term restoration of Grand Bahama.

We are now turning our attention to opportunities that will support the rebuilding of the islands, in particular, the health and restoration of the surrounding coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove shorelines. CSA is a leading expert in marine habitats, with some of the top scientists in their respective fields. We are looking for opportunities to support environmental restoration projects that will bring the Bahamas back to being the beautiful diving, cruising, and fishing destination that we have all enjoyed over the decades.

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