CSA at 33rd Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School

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CSA at 33rd Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School

Environmental Permitting Summer School has been held consecutively for the past 32 years by the Florida Environmental Network, Inc. (FENI). This year, the 33rd annual conference will be held July 16-19 in Marco Island, Florida. The Summer School is a popular seminar, attended by more than 850 attorneys, consultants, engineers, state and local government officials, developers, landowners, and other individuals with an interest in environmental issues facing Florida. The Florida Environmental Permitting School provides continuing education credits for environmental professionals.

CSA will be at Booth 408 and scientists are proud to be faculty for the following topics:

Beach Renourishment and Nearshore Hardbottom | Friday, July 19 | 8:30-10:10 am

CSA scientist Erin Hodel will present on hardbottom resources located immediately offshore of many beaches along Florida’s coastline. This session will present methods for offshore ecological monitoring, impact avoidance, minimization, and mitigation, as well as environmental permitting challenges associated with beach nourishment projects. Click here for more information (scroll to JJJ).

Seagrasses and Mangroves | Friday, July 19 | 10:30-12:10

CSA senior scientist and Vice President Dr. Mark Fonseca will present on how the ecology and biology of seagrasses drive the reality of regulatory responses and mitigation options. The technical panel will also discuss what restoration options and assessment strategies are available; the challenges of the permitting process; and the importance of setting realistic, measurable, and attainable mitigation goals. Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) assessments for seagrass impacts and mitigation will also be a focal point of this session, as well as permit/mitigation compliance, restoration site selection, and monitoring in the context of the regulatory environment. Click here for more information (scroll to III).

Threatened and Endangered Species in the Marine Realm | Friday, July 19 | 10:30-12:10

CSA senior scientist Mary Jo Barkasi will present the ESA protected marine mammals portion of this “cover the bases” from National Environment Policy Act (NEPA) to environmental permitting session. The technical panel will also discuss critical environmental issues including Johnson’s seagrass; ESA protected marine species and essential fish habitat. Additionally, the use of UMAM and HEA for determining mitigation requests will be reviewed, as well as examples of lessons learned in dealing with and applying federal and state requirements to seaports, beach renourishment, and coastal development. Click here for more information (scroll to PPP).

Please join CSA scientists at the Environmental Permitting Summer School from July 16-19 in Marco Island, Florida. This event is organized by FENI, part of the Florida Chamber Foundation. This event is part of the Foundation’s ongoing effort to keep its members and other business organizations informed of the environmental and growth management laws and regulations affecting Florida’s citizens and businesses. Identifying solutions to the many challenges facing Florida is a focal point of the Florida Chamber Foundation’s mission. Register here to join us at this year’s Environmental Permitting Summer School!

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