CSA Diving Safety Officer Assists Future Scientific Divers

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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is continually striving to improve its Scientific Diving operations. In May, CSA’s Diving Safety Officer (DSO) and Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Director (HSSE) Eirik Kydland attended and assisted with a two-week intensive Scientific Diver course at the Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) in Key West, Florida. The course was led by Dr. Alex Brylske, Professor of Marine Science & Technology at FKCC and author of the book The Complete Diver: The History, Science, and Practice of Scuba Diving. The purpose of Mr. Kydland’s participation was twofold: although he is a certified American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Scientific Diver, Eirik sought a fresh perspective on the academic side of scientific diving while sharing the unique challenges and opportunities of private sector scientific diving with future Scientific Divers.

Eirik assisted with the skills sessions in both the pool and open water, including rescue scenarios. As a Paramedic, Diver Medical Technician, and Technical Diving Instructor, he provided additional subject-matter expertise during lectures on dive medicine, physiology, and decompression theory.

“As the DSO at CSA, I am lucky to be surrounded by leading experts in Scientific Diving. However, having the opportunity to learn from and co-teach with Dr. Brylske was both an honor and a privilege. As a Scientific Diver, it is vital that we continually seek the knowledge and expertise from as many industry experts as possible. Once we stop learning, it is time to leave the profession. Furthermore, having the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with future Scientific Divers was an incredible experience. It is our responsibility as professionals to develop the future of our industry. It is through empowering others with knowledge and skills that we truly grow as professionals,” said Eirik.

“It was a pleasure having an experienced DSO from CSA to attend and assist with the course. My hope for Eirik’s participation was that it would be an opportunity to learn from each other, and we certainly accomplished that goal. His contributions provided a unique insight into the private sector of Scientific Diving. Students gained a greater understanding of the scope of work available to Scientific Divers,” stated Dr. Brylske.

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