CSA’s EDGS Team Commits to the ArcGIS Pro Transition

  • Written by CSA Ocean Sciences
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CSA’s Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS) team is committed to quality data collection, management, analysis, and dynamic visualization, particularly in the spatial realm. As Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and hardware continue to evolve (for both desktop and web-based applications), keeping up with changes is crucial to maintaining quality and efficiency in GIS procedures and work products. Consequently, CSA’s entire team of GIS analysts participated in an interactive two-day training session on ArcGIS Pro, Esri‘s latest version of GIS software.

Changes between ArcGIS Map and ArcGIS Pro include a redesigned user interface that is more vibrant and contextual, with 3D functionality built in. The screen capture shows project data on the distribution of artificial reefs, coral reefs, hardbottom, and shelf sediments in Palm Beach County, displayed in the new ArcGIS Pro user interface.

Benefits include faster processing (64-bit application), enhanced multitasking capabilities, and simplified processes for sharing to the web. Challenges involved in transitioning to ArcGIS Pro include learning and optimizing new workflows, adapting procedures to better serve internal and external clients, and completing projects efficiently during the transition period.

As heavy users of Esri products in everyday activities and in the majority of our projects worldwide, our EDGS team understands the importance of being informed of the changes Esri makes to its products and services. As part of CSA’s internal transition from Map to Pro software, our analysts will proactively provide feedback to Esri through the Esri GeoNet forum, with a thread specifically set up for users to provide comments, questions, and solutions. Through this forum, we expect to largely complete the transition to Pro within the next few weeks.

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