A New Day at CSA

  • Written by CSA Ocean Sciences
A new day at CSA

For over 45 years CSA has worked hard to provide clients with a superior level of service that delivers objective scientific results while maintaining project goals and objectives. As the years have passed, CSA has evolved to adapt to changing client needs, new technologies, and shifting economic climates. We understand that our clients are faced with complex challenges every day and our scientific, operational, and data management teams are always ready help ...

In order to better serve our clients, CSA has opted to take a new approach. For those of you who have done business with us in the past, you’ll remember that we were once organized according to business lines. Well, we’ve changed that. CSA has now organized its teams in a manner that allows for a more streamlined approach to the needs of clients and the marketplace as a whole. To execute this new approach, we have organized our staff around 3 dominant service lines: marine sciences, marine operations, and environmental data management.

Our core markets now include energy, infrastructure, government, as well as ports, harbors, and beaches. As always, CSA will strive to provide the highest level of service to these markets while ensuring that best practices are utilized to achieve objective scientific results. Our goal is to help your project run as efficiently as possible while maintaining and exceeding scientific, operational, and data management standards. With over 45 years of experience and expertise, CSA understands how to best focus personnel and capabilities within specific market disciplines to provide the best service possible to our clients.

It’s a new day at CSA.

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