CSA Colombia Deep Water Video

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CSA Colombia Deep Water Video

CSA recently provided, mobilized, and operated a deep water towed video system and all the ancillary equipment to conduct a video survey down to 2650m (8,700 feet) off the coast of Colombia. Included with the ancillary equipment was a slip-ring winch with 6,000 m of .68” EM cable, a Sonardyne USBL system, DGPS unit, and Hypack navigation software. After overseeing the shipping of the equipment spread from the U.S. to Colombia, CSA assisted with the mobilization and demobilization of the equipment to and from a Colombian offshore supply vessel of opportunity. The project data was collected in less than one week time and was a huge success, collecting over 2,000 photos and video of over 235 line km during the field effort. CSA operated all listed equipment and directed navigation of the vessel.

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