The Enigmatic Seagrass

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Halophila johnsonii

Johnson’s seagrass, (Halophila johnsonii) is a species native to the Indian River Lagoon System (IRLS) and southeastern Florida coast. It is the first and only marine plant to carry the formal status of a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act. With this listing, this spatially and temporally dynamic plant has an elevated status of protection – which by default extends to a large portion of the coastal lagoon seafloor throughout the entire IRLS. As long as Johnson’s seagrass is listed under the ESA, many forms of coastal development are limited or prohibited and mitigation for its disturbance is not an option. We recently wrote an article for ECO Magazine (see link below) where you can learn more about this issue, along with the ins and outs of today’s DNA analysis methods.

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A New Day at CSA

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A new day at CSA

For over 45 years CSA has worked hard to provide clients with a superior level of service that delivers objective scientific results while maintaining project goals and objectives. As the years have passed, CSA has evolved to adapt to changing client needs, new technologies, and shifting economic climates. We understand that our clients are faced with complex challenges every day and our scientific, operational, and data management teams are always ready help ...

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