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Seagrass Enhancement Project in North Carolina Underway

Contracted by the State of North Carolina Department of Transportation(NCDOT), CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is conducting a novel seagrass enhancement project by manipulating wind wave energy to provide new and sustained seagrass acreage in anticipation of unavoidable impacts, creating essentially an open-water “living shoreline,” although in the absence of an actual shore. The Bonner Bridge, which connects Hatteras and Bodie islands at the Oregon Inlet—a lifeline for tourism and tropical storm evacuation of the North Carolina outer banks—has reached its engineering limits and is being replaced. The potential seagrass impact estimated from the new bridge installation required the recovery of no less than 1.28 acres of highly productive seagrasses, interspersed with widgeon grass. In January, Cape Dredging Company, under contract to CSA, completed installation of the Reefmaker wave attenuation units in coordination with the manufacturer, Atlantic Reefmaker.

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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. Receives the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award

CSA Receives the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is pleased to announce that it recently received the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award for employee and management emphasis on safety. CSA’s commitment to safety is reflected in the daily activities of its personnel as well as the personal involvement from management in support of the safety program. The Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award serves as validation of a company’s achievements and track record.

Initiated in 2006 by USF Safety Florida, the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award commends Florida's employers and employees in all industries who proactively and routinely engage in job safety. The award goes to small businesses that implement sound safety initiatives to better protect employees on the job.

“Over 10 years ago, CSA began the journey of strengthening our Health, Safety, Security and Environmental processes," stated Kevin Peterson, CEO of CSA Oceans Sciences Inc.  "To the credit of our safety culture as well as all of the dedicated staff of CSA, our company has made great strides in this area. This award tells us we’re on the right track and to stay the course.”

CSA Unveils Release of the EDGSonline 2.0 Web-Based Mapping Platform

CSA Unveils Release of the EDGSonline 2.0 Web-Based Mapping Platform

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), a specialist in the collection, analysis, and management of environmental data, announced the implementation of the newly released EDGSonline 2.0, the next generation of its web-based mapping and data visualization platform developed by sister company, GeoFac Systems Inc.

Access to data and documentation is crucial for sharing information about a project, region, or incident. CSA’s Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS) provides comprehensive solutions to enhance the accessibility and meaning of data, whether in geospatial, tabular, document, video, or image format. CSA has worked closely with GeoFac to develop the custom cloud-based EDGSonline platform, which enables registered users to visualize, access, query, and download data using only a web browser.

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CSA Builds a Rapid Mobilization System for Offshore Surveys

Rapid Mobilization System

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), a specialist in the sampling, monitoring, and assessment of marine environments, recognizes the challenge of mobilizing equipment and personnel in a cost-effective, safe, and efficient manner, often with short notice. The greatest challenge lies in rapidly integrating, packaging, and transporting appropriate, fit-for-purpose equipment and supplies customized for a particular project, region, and water depth. Streamlining this mobilization process is imperative, particularly in the oil and gas sector.

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CSA to Exhibit Underwater and Aerial Imaging and Analysis

This week’s Esri’s Public Sector GIS Conference (formerly the Southeast User Conference) in West Palm Beach, Florida, is an ideal setting for CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) to share their advancements using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools integrated with customized hardware to collect and analyze video imagery, both subsea and aerial. On April 11 and 12, CSA analysts and scientists who specialize in the use of GIS tools in projects serving the public sector will be exhibiting at the conference in Booth 112 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

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CSA Surveyor Arrives in St. Croix

CSA survey boat arrives in St Croix

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), in cooperation with American Vibracore Services (AVS), has transported their 30-ft survey vessel, the CSA Surveyor, to St. Croix to perform a subbottom and side-scan sonar survey for a local facility. 

The custom-built aluminum catamaran is capable of a variety of geophysical work, including multibeam, single-beam, magnetometer, and video inspection via remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or towed video systems.  What sets the CSA Surveyor apart is its 1,000+ m coaxial cable, allowing it to do deepwater work from a small platform, thus providing significant cost savings.  

The vessel will remain in St. Croix for a short duration after its current survey is complete and will be available for hire.  This is a great opportunity for projects in the surrounding area to conduct any required geophysical or hydrographic services, taking advantage of this cost effective vessel currently mobilized in St. Croix.

CSA Awarded BOEM Contract for Analysis of Seismic Survey Mitigation Data

CSA Awarded BOEM Contract for Analysis of Seismic Survey Mitigation Data

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) has been awarded a contract from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) for the analysis of all visual and acoustic mitigation survey data collected during seismic operations in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) from 2009 through 2015. These data will be combined with the first 6 years (2002-2008) of data analysis, also completed by CSA staff in 2012, and the resulting dataset will be the largest and most comprehensive analysis of U.S. seismic mitigation data and the largest dataset globally collected under standardized regulations. This study plays an integral part in science-based policy-making and risk assessment for future geophysical mitigation requirements and impact assessment. The availability of such data in a peer-reviewed format is necessary to support these environmental impact documents as they must meet best available science criteria.

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CSA Scientist Authors the Essential Illustrated Guide to Florida’s Marine Fishes

Sandbar Shark Carcharhinus Plumbeus

Marine Fishes of Florida CoverCSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) senior scientist David Snyder and George Burgess, coordinator of museum operations and the director of the Florida Program for Shark Research at the University of Florida’s Florida Museum of Natural History, have authored the most comprehensive book about Florida’s marine fishes ever produced. Titled Marine Fishes of Florida, it includes hundreds of photographs and species you’ll encounter—plus many that are rare—when diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or fishing. Coverage includes both the Atlantic and Gulf coastline, from habitats near the shore to deeper waters. Fishes found in coastal rivers and other brackish waters are fully represented as are offshore species that venture into Florida’s waters often enough to be called “occasional visitors.”

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