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CSA to Unveil EDGS Applications at the Clean Gulf Conference

EDGS Applications
CSA’s EDGS provides a spectrum of services to support the marine environmental data needs of the offshore oil and gas industry

During the Clean Gulf Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans (10-12 November 2015), CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) will present Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS) applications that serve the marine environmental data and geospatial needs of the offshore industry. EDGS applications to be exhibited include:

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CSA shares challenge of modernizing the offshore EIA process

CSA at Esri Oceans Forum

Dr. Mark Fonseca will present during the upcoming Esri Ocean GIS Forum

Dr. Mark Fonseca, Vice President – Science, will describe the many challenges, both technical and procedural of transforming the offshore environmental impact process into a modern, on-line process. His co-authored talk “Transforming the Offshore Environmental Impact Assessment Process into a Web-based Environment: Opportunities for Innovation” will describe attempts to shift impact assessments of the Outer Continental Shelf areas of the U.S. into a geospatial framework. The goal of this framework is to better and more succinctly understand the information available for guiding the impact assessment process. The offshore energy industry is also adopting methods to enable data used in impact assessments to be centralized and improve decision-making. He will describe the challenges of applying innovative approaches to serve both markets, including ArcGIS-associated data hosting, desktop analysis, and real-time environmental data access.

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CSA to Unveil FMVsea at Esri Ocean GIS Forum in November

FMVsea demonstration of capabilities

CSA staff to unveil new service during the upcoming Esri Ocean GIS Forum

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) is pleased to announce their release of FMVsea a unique service provided by CSA’s Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS) division. FMVsea is a Full Motion Video service that supports creation of integrated digital video and GIS products (FMV) that will revolutionize the collection, interpretation, and visualization of information collected during field surveys. Features include on-the-fly FMV creation, interactive target identification and a projected field of view bounding box for setting context. FMVsea and the associated services allow actual creation of the Full Motion Video, batching processing, customized target dictionary development, video resizing for better performance in ArcGIS Desktop and video conversion to different formats, all fully compatible with Esri products.

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CSA Completes Seagrass Mitigation for Miami Harbor

Miami Seagrass Restoration for Dredging Project

One of the largest seagrass mitigation projects undertaken in the U.S. created over 17 acres of seagrass habitat in Biscayne Bay

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) has successfully completed the transplantation of over 115,000 seagrass plants into a newly filled dredge hole north of the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami, Florida as part of the overall environmental mitigation requirements for the deepening and widening of Miami Harbor. CSA was part of the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock LLC (GLDD) team that was awarded the prime contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The “deep dredge” project took two years to complete and is the first federal navigation project in the southeast built to accommodate post-Panamax vessels.

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CSA Utilizes Unique GIS Software for Underwater Survey

Full Motion Video Screen Capture

The full motion video suite allows for efficient collection of geospatially articulated information.

Utilizing full motion video (FMV) technology, CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) marine biologists have successfully conducted an underwater biodiversity survey. FMV is defined as digital video with integrated geospatial information (real-time latitude and longitude) and relates the video to other geospatially defined attributes, such as multi-beam bathymetry, in space and time. Unlike older technologies where static time and latitude and longitude were “burned” into the digital image, the spatial and temporal information associated with FMV can be accessed by geographic information systems (GIS). The result is a powerful tool for capturing geospatially articulated information from within the video image and rendering that information into a GIS for further analysis.

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Energy & Environment Holding and CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. Announce Joint Venture

CSA Ocean Sciences (Doha) LLC

CSA and EEH have teamed to expand their capabilities in Qatar.

DOHA, QATAR – Energy & Environment Holding (EEH), an independent consulting firm specializing in energy, environment, privatization, and sustainable development based in Doha, Qatar, and CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), a firm specializing in services related to environmental impacts from offshore oil and gas and construction activities worldwide, have announced the formation of their new joint venture CSA Ocean Sciences (Doha) LLC. The board of directors for the joint venture is chaired by HE Sheikh Jabor bin Yusef bin Jassim al-Thani, principal holder of EEH, and includes members Roudi Baroudi, Chief Executive Officer of EEH and Robert Mulcahy, Chief Operating Officer of CSA.

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Dr. Mark Fonseca Presents Anthropogenic Impacts Study

Benthic Ecology

Study provides new quantitative insights on shoreline erosion due to boat wakes in estuarine settings of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

Dr. Mark Fonseca, Vice President, Science at CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), presented the results of recent research in the Anthropogenic Impacts session of the Benthic Ecology Meeting Society (BEMS) held 4-7 March 2015 in Quebec City, Canada. BEMS is a non-profit organization with a mission to share and promote benthic ecosystems research. Their annual meetings draw hundreds of scientists from around the world, covering topics from Arctic ecosystems to coral reef ecology.

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HBW Resources and CSA Ocean Sciences Announce Global Strategic Partnership

HBW Resources

HBW Resources, LLC (HBW), an integrated strategic consulting and advocacy firm focused on energy and transportation issues, and CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA), a firm specializing in services related to environmental impacts of activities throughout the world, have announced a global strategic partnership to perform a variety of services in support of offshore commercial projects worldwide. This new offering will combine HBW’s unique skills in consulting and advocacy for energy and transportation projects with CSA’s offshore environmental expertise to present a combined level of global capabilities that is unmatched.

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