CSA specializes in providing our customers with state-of-the-art equipment systems designed specifically for program objectives. We specialize in understanding our clients' needs, both technically and fiscally, and in providing high-quality scientific services supported with proven field capabilities. Our staff selects and customizes ocean instrumentation to optimize the sampling strategy required by a specific project. Our philosophy of providing proven equipment and instrumentation supports a unique turn-key service for coastal, nearshore, and offshore consulting requirements.

CSA owns and maintains a large and diverse equipment pool and as well as its own coastal research vessels. We also have long-standing relationships with supply vessel, barge, and tug companies worldwide. Our specialized equipment and software supports the following coastal and offshore activities:

Environmental Monitoring

  • Video and still-camera systems
  • Specialized monitoring equipment

Coastal Surveying

  • Hydrographic survey equipment
  • Water quality sondes and sensors
  • Specialized survey software

Oceanographic Monitoring

  • Wave, tide, and current recording equipment

Geotechnical Sampling

  • Coring and sediment sampling devices

Remote Sensing Surveys

  • Side-scan sonar and subbottom profiling devices

GIS Software

  • Full ArcGIS capabilities with trained scientists
  • MakaiPlan route planning software

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