Quality Management

Quality Management

The complexity of environmental data demands that a systematic quality management process be followed in order to provide decision-makers with confidence in the quality of the data. Support for CSA’s corporate commitment to our quality management program is an integral part of the job responsibilities of each CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. employee. CSA maintains strict quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures for field sampling, laboratory analyses, data management, and deliverables preparation to ensure high standards for every project. Subcontractors involved in CSA International, Inc. projects are also required to operate under CSA's quality management program, which includes stringent QA/QC procedures.

From the time a project is conceptualized until the final deliverables are completed, all steps are carefully preplanned, scheduled, coordinated, and monitored by both a Project Manager and a Project QA/QC Officer to ensure project quality. CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. places priority on each step of our quality management program because we are aware that our services and deliverables reflect investments of significant time and money and are used by clients and regulators for important environmental management decisions.

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