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CSA Ocean Sciences Mexico

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.’s (CSA) expertise in offshore and deepwater surveys to support the oil and gas industry is a perfect fit for conducting the environmental surveys and impact assessments required by regulatory agencies in Mexico, where several rounds of lease sales have been conducted in shallow and deep water environments, with more planned in the near future.

In support of an international oil and gas operator, CSA scientists and operations specialists recently conducted an Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) offshore Mexico in water depths exceeding 3,000 meters. As part of the EBS, CSA staff collected sediment, water, and plankton samples as well as deepwater seafloor video. CSA supplied the full spread of scientific and operational equipment packages, including A-frames, winches, Ultra Short BaseLine, deepwater video, rosette, box core, and other ancillary equipment.

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Understanding the importance of in-country partnerships and local content, CSA has spent time in Mexico City and in multiple shorebase communities, from Tampico to Ciudad del Carmen, in an effort to expand our partnerships and develop local logistics plans. CSA now has access to vessels of opportunity, shorebase facilities, equipment importation specialists, socioeconomic experts, and analytical laboratory services. Through our partnerships with Mexican entities, we can supplement our team and services with in-country personnel and equipment, making projects more efficient and cost effective, ultimately reducing project costs for our clients.

CSA is committed to supporting our offshore oil and gas customers with a strong presence in Mexico, as well as honoring our long-standing practice of regional relationships to enhance performance and safety. We’ll continue to share our progress in this emerging region.

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