Environment Data & Geospatial Services

The centralization and management of environmental data is crucial for sharing information about a project, region, or event. The spatial scale may be local or global. The content may exist in many forms, including physical documents, laboratory data, asset locations, or modeling results. The information may be highly dynamic, as with real-time data feeds, or relatively static, such as historical information. The data may be intended for foundational planning, required for guiding procedures and work flows, assisting with decisions, or displaying results.

Geospatial Data Professionals

Whatever the type, purpose, source, volume, or location, CSA’s Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS) provide solutions for centralizing, accessing, visualizing, and sharing environmental data and information as consumable web-based map services. These services provide a foundation for secure communication and knowledge transfer throughout the life span of a project or development, whether nearby in the Gulf of Mexico or anywhere on Earth.

Web-based Mapping

A web-based platform that offers the opportunity to view, interact, and analyze layers of geospatial information, including data, documents, and imagery.

Geospatial Analysis

CSA uses desktop, mobile, and web-based Geographic Information System applications for spatial planning, survey design, field data collection and more.

Videospatial Services

Integrating video with spatial attributes such as bathymetry, elevation, environmental data, habitat maps, and infrastructure locations.

Shoreline Characterization

CSA has developed a technique to acquire, examine, and interpret high-resolution, georeferenced satellite imagery for the purpose of assigning ESI shore types

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