LNG / Oil & Gas Terminals

CSA has experience in permitting new LNG plants and ports, including feasibility studies, preliminary site surveys, modeling analyses, and negotiations with state and federal agencies. CSA has also developed mitigation plans and conducted mitigation activities associated with the construction of these facilities, such as seagrass and coral relocation. These mitigation programs have included CSA staff’s successful relocation of thousands of coral colonies from reef habitat within the pipeline corridors associated with the plants to adjacent habitat or designated artificial reef areas.

Deborah Kilbane
Deborah KilbaneDirector of Ports & Coastal Sciences dkilbane@conshelf.com

CSA’s experienced personnel are trained and equipped to conduct surveys of hardbottom habitats, coral reefs, oyster banks, seagrass beds, and other soft bottom habitats. This experience has made CSA a preferred supplier of turnkey services to the international offshore energy sector as operators look to develop comprehensive and effective mitigation strategies associated with the construction and operation of LNG and Oil and Gas terminals. Central to this work is the assessment and reduction of potential impacts to marine life associated with subsea infrastructure, such as pipeline installation.

Coral Restoration

CSA has a proven track record of developing and implementing Coral Management Plans (CMPs) for offshore operators and government agencies. CMPs involve specialist field-tested methods for reattaching and transplanting hard corals and sponges, enhanced methods to control turbidity plumes during construction, and applied and installed innovative reef structural habitat enhancements as a means of accelerating biological recovery.

Expert field teams have relocated and/or reattached over 71,000 coral (hard and soft) colonies and sponges in the U.S., Pacific, Caribbean, Bahamas, and Middle East.

In addition, CSA is experienced in conducting seagrass restoration through sediment stabilization, transplantation, and applying structural augmentation as a component of habitat reclamation.



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