Marine Operations

Our marine operations team is a diverse group of technical personnel with extensive operational and diving expertise stemming from years of experience supporting geophysical, geotechnical, environmental programs, and marine surveys around the world. In addition to collaborating with CSA’s scientific staff, our operational teams have helped plan, implement, and conduct technical field operations for a variety of companies and government agencies worldwide. 

Marine Operations Professionals

Our operations professionals understand every facet necessary to execute a marine environment project safely, efficiently, and successfully. Since 1970, our operations and science teams have worked together as a cohesive unit on numerous multidisciplinary projects that have either met or exceeded client expectations. 

Hydrographic & Geophysical

We have field crews, latest scientific instrumentation, and state-of the art research vessels to conduct multidisciplinary hydrographic and geophysical marine surveys

Photo & Video Documentation

Whether above or below the waterline, CSA owns and operates the necessary cutting-edge imaging and photographic equipment to document project progress in marine environments with HD clarity

Biological Collection & Analysis

Our subject matter experts have the skills and tools to collect, preserve, and study marine biological samples from any depth and provide clients with decisive and actionable analysis

Water Collection & Profiling

CSA has a long history of collecting, measuring, and analyzing the water column for projects requiring EBSs, EISs, beach nourishment, dredging, and marine habitat evaluations


We provide a full suite of field services and engineering support for the design and deployment of metocean technologies, including data acquisition mooring systems and monitoring buoys

Sediment Collection

From shallow to ultra-deep waters, we have the sediment expertise to design and implement sampling programs that pinpoint spatial and temporal variations in chemical and biological processes

Marine Survey Equipment

CSA owns an expansive pool of high specification survey equipment and data analysis software for ocean monitoring, geotechnical sampling, and autonomous marine survey

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