Marine Operations

Marine Operations

ADCP LaunchForged over four decades, the symbiotic relationship between CSA’s marine operations team and its scientific staff is unparalleled in the marine environmental consulting industry. Our operations professionals understand every facet necessary to execute a marine environment project safely, efficiently, and successfully. Since 1970, our operations and science teams have worked together as a cohesive unit on numerous multidisciplinary projects that have either met or exceeded client expectations. CSA’s operations team recognizes that marine environment projects are complex and strives to implement best practices while maintaining a clear understanding of scientific objectives.

Our marine operations team is a diverse group of technical personnel with extensive operational and diving expertise stemming from years of experience supporting multidisciplinary environmental programs and marine surveys around the world. In addition to collaborating with CSA’s scientific staff, our operational teams have helped plan, implement, and conduct technical field operations for a variety of companies and government agencies worldwide. These field operations routinely involve scientific sampling programs and equipment for the collection of metocean data, marine sediments, water, biota, and water column data.

CSA's Falcon ROVMembers of CSA’s operations team are experienced in marine survey techniques, equipment operation and maintenance, data analysis, quality assurance, and interpretation. Our operational personnel are also proficient in processing digital data utilized in the production of mosaic images and the mapping of geo referenced features. CSA’s marine operations team is also skilled in remote sensing techniques used for habitat and biological community mapping while employing equipment such as underwater towed photographic systems and digital side-scan sonar.

With a deep understanding of the marine environment, our operations team knows how to take your project from concept to completion in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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