Ports and Coastal Sciences

Since 1970, CSA has provided support to port authorities, local municipalities, counties, state and federal agencies, dredging contractors, shipping companies, and private industry clients in preparing environmental assessment documents and mitigation plans, performing marine habitat mapping and data collection surveys, developing and conducting monitoring programs, and assessing impacts of marine activities. CSA’s scientific and technical staff conduct mitigation activities associated with port and harbor development, including seagrass and coral colony relocation from impact footprints to adjacent locations, in addition to long-term biological monitoring programs associated with beach restoration and nourishment programs.



The maintenance of adequate water depths within navigation channels associated with harbors, ports, and inland navigation waterways is critical for a continued safe commercial marine shipping industry as well as cruise ship and recreational boating operations.

LNG / Oil & Gas Terminals

CSA has experience in permitting new LNG plants and ports, including feasibility studies, preliminary site surveys, modeling analyses, and negotiations with state and federal agencies. 


Shipping & Cruise Ships

CSA provides assistance to the marine shipping industry when accidents occur during routine operations. Incidents could include the accidental discharges of fuel or oil or direct impacts to sensitive marine resources from anchor and tow cable drag and ship or barge groundings

Beach Nourishment

CSA scientists have been designing and conducting biological monitoring programs to assess the impacts of beach nourishment on adjacent nearshore hardbottom, reef habitat, or seagrass areas for nearly 30 years throughout Florida.

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