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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) assists U.S. state and local government and regulatory agencies by providing scientific-technical, operational, and professional management solutions for coastal, estuarine, nearshore, and offshore environments. We provide clients with expertise and solutions to meet a broad range of needs, including environmental studies for development, infrastructure, public works, or support to engineering design.

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CSA offers a number of in-house, specialty technical services, and equipment to facilitate efficient, successful environmental project completion. These are provided by a team of qualified scientists, including fisheries biologists, oceanographers, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) experts, and marine and coastal ecologists experienced in all phases of coastal, nearshore, and offshore environmental analysis.

CSA’s experienced staff of professionals is knowledgeable and current in state, local, and national regulations with regard to coastal development planning, siting, sampling methodology, and compliance. Staff includes experts in studies, consultation, and environmental permitting for issues such as essential fish habitat (EFH), endangered and threatened species, coastal development, and monitoring requirements. Many of our projects have focused on developing and/or reviewing technical plans, preparing permit application packages, and making recommendations for overall planning purposes, including site selection and habitat suitability analysis for mitigation and restoration activities.

Services to Local and State Agencies

  • Ecological survey, assessment, and interpretation
  • Pre- and post-project assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Protected species studies
  • Habitat regulations assessment
  • Training workshops
  • Regulatory permitting and mitigation plans
  • Evaluation of habitats and ecosystems
  • Habitat restoration and creation
Our team of scientists provides support at all stages of a project—from feasibility through planning, consultation, and implementation. We combine scientific expertise with a realistic approach to balance environmental regulations and progress, ensuring that our clients and the environment both benefit from our solutions.

CSA personnel have managed and/or participated in all types of projects and studies for local and state environmental agencies from Florida to California and Puerto Rico. CSA is well known for its expertise in the coastal realm and has carried out technical and operations support for coastal projects involving marine construction, habitat enhancement, evaluation, mitigation, and restoration.

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