Marine Science Services

CSA Ocean Sciences' Marine Sciences team provides a wide range of services for Federal, State, regional, county, local, and international governments as well as for a variety of commercial and industrial customers. The project locations for these programs and services range from the intertidal zone and estuarine environments to the open ocean.

Marine Science Professionals

Staff comprising the Marine Sciences service line include skilled professionals with educational backgrounds and experience in marine biology, fisheries ecology, oceanography, ocean geology, coastal zone and environmental management, biological and chemical sample collection, and underwater photography and video data collection.

Impact Assessment

CSA streamlines the regulatory process by providing documents and permit applications that comply with requirements to support projects in marine and coastal environments.

Risk & Compliance

CSA delivers a comprehensive range of risk and compliance consulting services needed to guarantee optimal performance in the marine environment.

Spill Response Services

CSA’s expansive team of SMEs includes an experienced Spill Response Unit, which partners with the offshore energy sector to prepare and navigate for unforeseen events.

Ocean Sound & Marine Life

CSA specializes in the detection and classification of marine species, sound propagation, predictive modeling, and soundscape characterization.

Natural Resources

CSA offers expert and experienced infield services to assess, enhance, rehabilitate, and monitor complex marine habitats.

Information Services

CSA’s in-house catalog of scientific literature and official documentation is an exclusive resource made available to our partners and collaborators.

Scientific Diving

Our certified scientific and commercial divers provide essential field services and is emblematic of our superior safety record and commitment to the highest HSSE standards

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