CSA provides high-quality metocean services to the oil and gas industry, ports and harbor authorities, renewable energy companies, government agencies, and engineering firms worldwide. Recognizing the global demand for user-friendly, high-frequency oceanographic data in deeper waters and harsher environmental conditions, CSA is dedicated to providing metocean and acoustic solutions for meeting client expectations through the utilization of global resources, technical experience, innovative techniques, and the employment of highly qualified and industry recognized individuals.

CSA provides engineering and technical support for the design and implementation of metocean programs, including real-time data acquisition mooring and buoy systems.

Monitoring Systems

  • Full water column oceanographic data acquisition, including current velocity and direction, wave spectra, tides, conductivity, and temperature (shallow waters to ultra deep waters)
  • Meteorological stations, including wind, temperature, cloud height, and visibility
  • Design, installation, and maintenance of tide stations for ports, exploration, and survey programs
  • Integration of instrumentation and sensors through buoy-based systems or fiber networks utilizing sophisticated data processing, web display, storage, and dissemination software

Mooring Programs

  • Conception, design, installation, and maintenance of metocean mooring programs for offshore resource exploration and development, subsea and coastal infrastructure, engineering, and design criteria
  • Dissemination of metocean data in real-time through buoy-based systems or seabed fiber networks, including Ocean Observing Systems

Acoustic Monitoring

  • Consultancy, design, and installation of acoustic monitoring systems to support offshore operations, including seismic survey, site investigations, and environmental impact assessments
  • Long-term measurements to provide information concerning acoustics and potential effects of marine operations on the environment

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