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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) has gained a unique perspective related to providing desktop studies, environmental impact assessments (EIAs), and permitting documents for the cable industry over the last 12 years. Notably, the direct collaboration with key personnel of our sister company, Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI), and with key fiber optic cable installation providers such as Alcatel, TE SubCom, and Global Marine Services Limited (GMSL) has allowed CSA to develop the expertise necessary to provide MakaiPlan-supported initial route designs, shallow water (300 m) remote sensing surveys, landing site selections, and installation design and engineering for submarine fiber optic systems.

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This unique combination of capabilities enables CSA to produce high-caliber desktop studies and route design documents that provide detailed and accurate permit assessments as well as the route information that is useful to installation and survey contractors.

In addition, CSA has the capabilities to conduct shallow water installations and cable repairs. Through the distinctive collaboration of CSA’s environmental consulting and technical capabilities, our team is able to provide project and client support during the development, permitting, construction, and implementation phases of undersea cable networks and offshore construction projects. The CSA team supports system route designs, permitting, and construction efforts in addition to acting as advisors to and representatives for our clients to ensure sound project management and performance throughout each phase of the system construction.

Global Experience

CSA has coordinated, prepared, and attained permits for four networks within U.S. waters: the Gulf Fiber System, BP Gulf of Mexico Fiber Optic System, Chevron Tiger Shoals system, and the América Movil AMX-1 submarine fiber optic system. In addition, we have assisted clients in obtaining permits related to eight systems within 11 countries in Africa, the Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, India, and South America.

CSA is currently providing environmental assessment services to support the Monet submarine cable system that will connect the United States to Brazil and Angola. CSA is currently under contract to provide permitting support services in South America, the Eastern Mediterranean, and West Africa.


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