Autonomous Surface Vehicles

CSA continues to expand its advanced data collection services by investing in the development and acquisition of the latest Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs). CSA teamed with SeaRobotics Inc., a pioneer in the development of intelligent marine robotics, to design and engineer a diversified fleet of ASVs capable of collecting a variety of data and measurements in the marine environment. CSA’s current fleet of ASVs includes boats ranging in size from 1.8 meters to 11.0 meters.

CSA's 1.8 Meter Autonomous Vessels


These plug-and-play ready, highly portable ASVs represent a growing market in the uncrewed technology sector and are fast becoming the preferred means of quality data acquisition among marine surveyors on account of their utility, efficiency, and rapid mobilization. CSA believes that the extended reach and capabilities of ASVs ultimately translate into operational efficiencies for end customers.

CSA’s 1.8m boats are designed to carry water and/or geophysical sensors and run continuous survey lines for as long as 8 hours before needing a battery changeout or recharge. The sensor payload is interchangeable but typical water quality data instrumentation includes Hydro Products sensors and Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, and geophysical equipment includes, side scan sonar, multibeam, and single beam sensors. In addition, a LiDAR sensor is also available on several units.

Additional ASVs in CSA's Fleet

Other ASVs in CSA’s fleet a 4.0m, a 5.7m and 11.0m models. The 5.7m ASV is presently configured with obstacle avoidance technology and can be outfitted to include a variety of water quality or geophysical sensor suites. CSA’s most recent acquisition is an 11.0m diesel electric vessel with the ability to stay on station for 30 days or longer. This high-endurance ASV can be equipped with similar sensors as the other vessels with additional capabilities of deploying sensor packages from an autonomous winch.

The move to more autonomous operations is being embraced by both the commercial and military markets as the next generation of technology proves to be safer and more efficient than conventional survey methods.

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