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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) addresses each of our primary markets by providing a broad range of expertise and experience across three core service lines. CSA offers clients a unique opportunity given our ability to collect, analyze, report, and manage scientific data across a large spectrum of marine projects. Our main service lines include:


Marine Sciences

CSA’s marine sciences team provides a wide range of services for Federal, State, regional, county, local, and international governments as well as for a variety of commercial and industrial customers. The project locations for these programs and services range from the intertidal zone and estuarine environments to the open ocean.

Marine Operations

CSA’s team of marine operations professionals provides extensive operational experience conducting multidisciplinary surveys in support of coastal and marine environmental programs and integrated efforts to collect physical data from the world's aquatic environments.



CSA understands the collection, processing, analysis, interpretation, and management of large environmental data sets involving nearshore, offshore, and deepwater marine settings over a range of spatial and temporal scales. We also understand our clients’ needs to communicate information within secure, private groups, as well as with a broader audience of regulators, the public, and the media.

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