To assist the dredging industry as well as with various government agencies tasked with maintaining safe navigation channels while minimizing adverse impacts, CSA conducts bathymetric and geophysical surveys to assess specific site conditions, performs current meter studies for assistance in modeling efforts, and designs and implements multi-year physical and biological monitoring programs to help ensure the success of dredging projects.

Deborah Kilbane
Deborah KilbaneDirector of Ports & Coastal Sciences dkilbane@conshelf.com

CSA has extensive experience and a long history of providing comprehensive environmental support services for specific marine dredging projects and port development. We provide scientifically robust services for clients around the world—from small seagrass surveys for local marinas to large-scale environmental support and mitigation efforts.

In cases where accidental impacts to marine resources have occurred, CSA scientists are available to assess the extent of the damage or injury, prepare damage incident reports, negotiate with resource agencies, and—in many cases—successfully restore or remediate the damaged habitat.

Turnkey Solutions

CSA’s service groups comprise a group of marine science professionals, hydrographic surveyors, and geospatial experts in addition to a cutting-edge equipment pool to provide turnkey services for supporting dredging projects in port, harbor, coastal environments. 

Services include:

  • Remote Sensing Surveys: Side scan sonar, multibeam 3D imaging, magnetometer, subbottom profiling, bathymetric scanning sonar, including the deployment of our growing fleet of Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) and the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for mapping and mosaicking
  • Natural Resource Services: Habitat mapping and characterization, injury assessment and restoration, transplantation and mitigation, monitoring, artificial reef design and siting
  • Habitat Equivalency Analysis (HEA) and Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM)
  • Marine Wildlife: Protected Species Observers (PSOs) and Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs)
  • Acoustic Monitoring: Noise profiling and assessment, advanced acoustic detection of marine mammals
  • Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS): Web-based data and GIS applications, environmental risk management, Full Motion Video (FMV)
  • Environmental Sensitivity Indices

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