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CSA Presents Advanced Coastal Aerial Image Analysis Techniques

At this week’s 2017 National Conference on Beach Preservation Technology in Stuart, Florida, scientists from CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) will...
Morgan & Eklund Joins Continental Shelf

Morgan & Eklund Joins Continental Shelf

STUART, FL – January 30, 2017 – Continental Shelf Investment Capital Corporation (CSIC), the investment affiliate of Continental Shelf Associates,...

CSA and NOAA Case Study on Oil Spill Effects on Seagrass

Low-tide photograph of exposed eelgrass bed near Point Pinole, San Francisco Bay, revealing how seagrasses can be exposed to oil on the water...

CSA Conducts Seagrass Enhancement Project in North Carolina

Engineering wave climate produces additional seagrass cover and in-kind services prior to anticipated project-related effects CSA Ocean Sciences...
Deployed Rosette

CSA Unveils Risk Management Capabilities in Latest International Venture in Perth, Australia

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) continues to rise to challenges faced by the international oil and gas industry to identify, minimize, and mitigate...

Forging Improvements in Oil Spill Response, Dispersant Application, & Monitoring

The Seanic/CSA team will create innovation through a strategic partnership. Seanic Ocean Systems Inc. (Seanic) and CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA)...

CSA Ocean Sciences Receives NOPP Deepwater Canyons Award

CSA joins with multiple agencies and universities in receiving a second award for the team’s successful partnership on the Deepwater Canyons...

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