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CSA Routing of Linear Assets

CSA supports power, fiber, and pipeline routing and landfalls worldwide through route assessment, selection, and permitting


CSA has extensive experience domestically and internationally supporting industry and government clients in the complex process of linear asset routing and landfall assessments. Whether the asset is a power cable for offshore wind energy, a fiber optic cable for telecommunications, or a pipeline moving oil, gas, or other fluids, all must cross large stretches of often uncharted or under-characterized submerged lands before making landfall. When linear assets are brought ashore, they must navigate sensitive living resources as well as public and private properties and management jurisdictions. Offshore routing of these assets face similar challenges, navigation among resources and various jurisdictions. CSA has been assisting clients for over 50 years in these routing assessments, identifying potential landings, conducting resource surveys, and efficiently obtaining necessary permits across all levels of government. CSA’s diverse staff of subject matter experts and marine operations specialists are trained in all relevant permit requirements as well as survey and analysis needs.


Our approach, built on teamwork and a high standard of excellence, is to provide end-to-end client services from project conceptualization to construction phases. CSA subject matter experts work in a team-based process to understand client needs and guide them through the most efficient sequence of information gathering, reporting, and permitting compliance.


  • Routing and Exclusionary Mapping: CSA’s ecologists and permitting specialists collaborate with the client to create up-to-date and spatially articulated maps to identify, minimize, or avoid both operational and regulatory obstacles in the selection of routes. These potential obstacles can be geological, geographical, cultural, social, regulatory, or ecological in nature. Our exclusionary mapping services help display all pertinent information in an easy-to-understand product, which enables clients to confidently make decisions about the best approach for linear asset routing/landing.
  • Permitting Assessment and Application: CSA’s subject matter experts in governmental regulations review the regulatory framework governing selected asset routes and provide a timeline and plan for permit application, negotiation, and acquisition, customized to the client’s and project’s needs. Regulatory expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following key domestic and international regulations:
    • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA);
    • Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA);
    • Equator Principles;
    • World Bank-IFC Performance Standard 6 -Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources; and
    • European Union Industrial Emissions Directive Article 12.
  • Resource Surveys: CSA’s subject matter experts work seamlessly with our marine operations technical experts to plan highly efficient and scientifically robust surveys, efficiently execute the survey plans, analyze and report survey findings to support route selection, and perform risk assessment needs for successful permit application and issuance.
  • Reporting and Presentation: CSA produces professionally rendered and compelling hard copy and digital products for all steps in the reporting and permitting process. Moreover, CSA’s subject matter experts are skilled in synthesizing and personally presenting information in support of consensus building around the client’s needs and are available for that support via in-person, virtual, or hybrid settings.

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Corporate Headquarters

8502 SW Kansas Ave.
Stuart, FL 34997