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CSA Completes Field Surveys Offshore Puerto Rico

CSA has been assisting PRASA with compliance requirements since 2011

Stuart, FLA, USA. May 7, 2019 β€“ CSA Ocean Sciences (CSA), under a subcontract to Jacobs, today announced the completion of a comprehensive environmental monitoring survey,  that included physical, biological, and chemical field sampling and data collection for 301(h) waiver demonstrations at the Aguadilla, Arecibo, and Ponce Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (RWWTP) outfalls offshore Puerto Rico for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct Authority (PRASA). Since 1999, CSA has been assisting to evaluate compliance with receiving water quality standards and describe environmental conditions. 

Kathleen Gifford, lead project scientist for CSA, has been working on this project in Puerto Rico since 2011. β€œIt has always been a privilege to work alongside and supporting Jacobs personnel in collecting these data that assists PRASA in meeting compliance requirements and understanding environmental conditions,” she said. 

During this recent survey, CSA deployed and retrieved acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs), a conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) water profiler with ancillary sensors attached to a Seabird Rosette water sampler for real-time sample and data collection, and modified Van Veen sediment grab samplers. CSA personnel were responsible for equipment maintenance, deck operations, client interaction, sediment sample management, electronic data management, ADCP and navigation post-processing, and report preparation.

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